ACTII Project / Rehearse for a spatial intervention
SD Transferred to Digital, Color and Sound, 33min, 2006

Documentation of a domestic artificial reproduction of the necessary climatological conditions for a certain kind of butterfly species. Playing with the inside and the outside, the video mixes the process and the different narratives that build up during this attempt.


"Amply required protection against direct sunlight or other harsh conditions, avoiding the wind and have enough food, or which shall consist of a mixture of water with a squeeze of proteolytic enzymes, or alternatively, water with a solution of sugar. In some cases, you can use a mixture of ripe banana beer. The smell of fermentation attracts them.

The orientation should be east to west in order to be lit most of the day, avoiding shadows in the morning and afternoon. The ideal temperature is around twenty and twenty-nine degrees, and a constant and high humidity, eighty percent or more. Finally, one must be cautious in regard to care against predators.

Within five days happens."