Halving and Quartering
Survey flags, stakes, tape, and spray paint. Dimensions variable, 2020

Halving and Quartering reflects on the survey process by overlapping early 1800's survey drawings with contemporary forms of surveying, such as color-coded flags and tape. The grid division highlights the implementation of square townships, sections, and segments to privatize the land, while the color-coded flags and tape point to the current marking of natural resources transported through the land. Contemporary color-coded flags are associated with the presence of so-called “utilities”, such as blue for the water, yellow for gas and oil pipelines, or pink that represents temporary survey markings.

This installation indicates the past and present use of native lands in Texas, first by profitable division, and second by the extraction of natural resources.

Installation view of 'Halving and Quartering'. Courtesy of Ballroom Marfa. Photographs by Makenzie Goodman.

Installation view of 'Halving and Quartering'. Courtesy of Visual Arts Center, The University of Texas at Photos: Sandy Carson.