Here We Is

Here We Is explores the foundation of the city of Los Angeles around a plaza on September 4th, 1781 in relationship with current times. The film delves into the history and memories of this location and the surrounding downtown area by inquiring into events, people, erasures, and the infinite past and futures that the foundation of Los Angeles represents. By combining fiction and documentary approaches, and trough a polyvocal perspective, the film will have a hybrid form and language that will comprise archival materials in dialogue with actual footage and reenactments. Here We Is will be divided into three related but independent chapters, and at the moment it might be described as follows:

“On a shelf in the vault of the City Hall, there stands three quaint old volumes, ragged, time-worn and brown with age. They are labeled "Angeles Archives, Vol. I, Vol. II, Vol. III . The subject matter of these handwritten volumes is an olla podrida, a mixture made up of applications for house lots and lands, Plaza drawings, the remembrance of a Chumash name, orders for demolitions and displacements, a church, a jail, and a Chinese theatre, Hail Columbia tunes, the story of a vigilance committee, rallies to defend DACA, a tree, a street called Eternidad, a letter from a newcomer, and the murmurs of some revolutions thrown into the stew.”